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Below are files that can be manipulated or used as initial conditions, A should be provided with each state file containing parameter settings.

  • Files may be loaded with with different parameter settings. If there is a change in resolution, data will be interpolated or truncated automatically.
  • The state file contains spectral coefficients of the velocity perturbation. Each component has dimension (N,H,2), where N is the number of radial points, H is the number of Fourier coefficients, and 2 corresponds to real and imaginary parts. Indices [1,H] in the state file correspond to indices [0:H-1] in the code; see Core_implementation#Ordering_the_Fourier_modes.
  • For visualisation, data needs converting to real space. See comments in the file matlab/Readme.txt supplied with the code.

To unpack

tar -xvvzf file.tgz

Sample Initial Conditions

Relative Equilibria (travelling waves)

Relative Periodic Orbits